Steam from the Mug.

This past semester at school I started a prayer journal.  I read the Word, I pray, and I record my thoughts almost in a letter style to God in a pink composition notebook (it was on sale for a whole quarter--love back to school!)  

Sometimes my writing is very formal with flowery language--other times it's scribble.  Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's heart wrenching, sometimes it's clippings from things that inspire me, and sometimes it just is.  

My most favorite times are the mornings I have no where to be and I can just read, pray, and write.  I also tend to savor a piping hot mug of coffee on these mornings.  YUM!  These are the mornings I post my most reflective blogs like this one, this one, or this one.  

One October morning I was having a particularly rough time with everything that had happened at school and I was pouring out my heart completely to God and I noticed the steam rising from my mug.  I drank from the mug and was instantly warmed.  And I praised God that His grace and love, like the steam, rises above our darkest moments and His love is enough to sustain and warm our souls.  

It is a beautiful thing.  

I'd love for you to have a sneak peek into my thoughts and answered prayers.  I'd love to share the joy that my Master has brought back to my world this semester.  I'd like to be completely transparent and honest with you, and allow myself to be vulnerable.  I think sometimes women bloggers want the world to think that everything is fine and dandy in their little slice of paradise.  But, real living is embracing the happy and the sad--and finding beauty in the shambles of life and continuing to walk and praise Him.  

So, if you are curious to see how God has work in my world these past few months, feel free to take a glance at my journal (seems almost scandalous doesn't it???)  If you click on the "Steam from the Mug" tab at the top you will find these musings as I find the time to post them.  These will be just snippets from my journal--not entire entries, but just enough to see how He has, and continues to, work on me.

Blessings to you and yours this Season of Joy!

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