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Betty Cooper Hands & Showing Up for Love

Our family has recently been hit with the local plagues--flu, ear infection, sinus infection, and all the symptoms--we've had it all at our house for two solid weeks.  4 out of the 5 people have been down for the count and the last one standing told me her throat hurt yesterday.

Hold me, Jesus. 
I was afflicted on Wednesday and was told to stay out of work for the remainder of the week. Other than shuttling the girls to school, I kept my bottom glued to the couch and tried to figure out which show was going to help me pass the time.  After flipping through options I finally settled in on "Riverdale" (Archie comics meets murder mystery RIP Dylan McKay aka Archie's dad) after hearing a few people talk about it.  
It's terrible. 
Ok, terrible might be strong, but it's not good.  It's all very DRAMATIC with blue filters and everything's a little smokey and serious.  It's got a lot of unsupervised teens who are at school but rarely in class doing all so…

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