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The last drop.

This mama is tired. 
I could tell you about my non-stop schedule.  I could tell you about my calendar.  I could tell you about the many things on my plate and how I feel like I'm one moment away from dropping them all.

I could tell you that most days I'm doing my best to give everyone my best and sometimes I really want to throw a fit because I will always take the next thing handed to me because I truly want to make everyone happy (but in reality I sorta want to scream and break it and set it all on fire).

I could tell you that I'm battling what feels like chronic fatigue and I can't tell if it's some sort of old age, exhaustion, introversion, and/or too many responsibilities or a big messy pile of those things combined.

I could tell you that my patience has been worn thin by dealing with individuals who sort of skate with their responsibilities and don't get worked up enough to be their best selves.  How they feel it's ok to just do something half-way an…

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