Saturday, September 20, 2014

31 days of Mama A: October 2014.

Hello my little darlings and welcome to 31 days with Mama A!  

I'm so exciting to take part of the 31 days challenge with The Nester & Co. We are all committing to post something every single day on our blogs for the entire month of October.  It's going to be quite the feat, but have no fear, Mama A is here and ready for the challenge.  

If you're new to the Seriously. blog, you may not know exactly what you are getting into this month.  Mama A is a southern lady and she's not afraid to speak her mind on all things common sense.  It appears that a lot of the good folks in this world have failed to properly learn the basic rules of living and Mama A believes it is her privilege and her duty to bring them up to speed with everyone else.  

Here's a link to her last post on Courtesy. if you'd like to get a taste of what she's like. 

Mama A tends to say the things we'd all like to say, but with a sprinkling of love and a pinch of sass.  No topics are off limits with Mama A and she's going to have a lot to say in this coming month.  See you on October 1st! 

Love and smooches, 

Mama A. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Whisper louder.

I used to have a routine of waking up afraid.

It seems ridiculous, and maybe it wasn't always "fear", but it was something not pleasant.

Wake up and worry.  
Wake up and fear.  
Wake up and tick through impossible to-do list.  
Wake up and predict a confrontation.  
Wake up and believe rejection.  

Wake up and not enjoy the moment of waking because there were too many things to dread coming for the day.  

This has been a lifetime obsession.

If it wasn't school it was relationships.  Or family issues.  Or work issues.  Or friend issues.

Little by little it ate at me until it became my auto-pilot and security blanket.

I've had to learn to quickly attack these thoughts with prayers.  I've had to change my mindset.  I've had to stop and remind myself there are more things to be happy about.  Because if I wouldn't invite a bully into my home every single day with open arms only to be beat up over and over again, then I shouldn't let my heart and mind be hospitable to these negative thoughts that threaten to pierce through me every single day.  

I'm slowly finding my voice.  

He's been holding my hands and picking me up and dusting me off.  

And I'm starting to whisper louder.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Quiet victory.

I've been working out at the gym steadily since the beginning of the year.  I can finally see the results physically, but more importantly, I'm beginning to see them mentally as well.  When faced with physical challenges (i.e. climbing on top of the dryer to reach a can of spray paint on the high shelf without the assistance of a stool or step ladder), I've started replacing mental statements of "I can't do that" with "I can" or "I'm going to try."  

I'm not saying that I can do this whole life thing on my own, but I'm gaining confidence in myself.  A self that has taken on years of verbal and mental self-abuse.  A lifetime of self-doubt.  Years and years of listening to voices that are not whispering Truth and Love over me.  

It's a quiet victory. 


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