A Month Ago or So

I was a total mess.  

And, honestly, who could blame a girl?

My world had been completely turned upside down.

Nothing was safe and no one was off limits in the world of chaos.  I had issues in the form of deaths, traumatic events, family issues, church issues, conferences, work insanity, people going crazy, health scares all around.

I felt like a total basket case and it seemed like every time I turned around something else horrible was happening to the very people and places I loved the most.

I was a mess.  A complete and total mess.

Now, many of you are saying, "Sweetie, you are always a mess."

Yes, I own that.

But a month ago--

I was a hot mess. 

I flipped back in my prayer journal this morning during my quiet time and realized how much further I have come.

Instead of page long multi-columned prayer requests for this, that, and the other, today's petitions were filled with gratitude for the ordinary.

Thankfulness for a wonderful family and the best friends.

Joy that I'm surrounded by incredible co-workers and students.

Happiness that I can enjoy these simple pleasures like a cup of coffee on a foggy morning.

It's a good place to be when you can enjoy the ordinary. 

When you can be relatively content.

When you've walked through fire and came through changed, but for the better.

He is working on me.

I'm leaning and straining with purpose.

He is so, so good.  

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