Thoughts on Thursday: Back to Work Edition

1.  This is the end of my last week of vacation.  I appreciate the fact that I can spend the summers with my children and not have to work "full time" during the year (even though I am cramming a 5 day work week into 3 days)--I know I am very fortunate to have a schedule like I do.  Even when I'm working it's not THAT bad because even on my worst days, the majority of the time I have the next day to recover.

2.  I am trying to get my thoughts together in regards to routines and schedules when school starts.  Every year things get a little different as my children are in different stages and I need to formulate a plan of attack.  I try not to be a task master or crazy scheduled parent--and I especially try to give sitters or Rachel some freedom in deciding how the day will go.  However, there are some small things that I think will help make the day go a little smoother.  For example, last fall I put a little note inside the cabinet door where we kept sippy cups that simply read, "Please fill juice cups half with water.  Otherwise you will have lots of poop."  Lily couldn't handle full throttle juice last fall and I couldn't handle poopy pul-lups or uws.  I was just trying to help.

3.  It is so stinking hot outside!  I hope it POURS this afternoon to get some relief!  The kids have spent the last several days outside in our little pool.  This has worn them out and helped with Lily's sleeping issues.  They have been tired at bedtime and ready for a good night's sleep.

4.  Tomorrow we are going to spend the day with some friends of ours--I'm looking forward to catching up with them.  It's been way too long since we've seen them and I can't WAIT!

5.  Vanilla wafers are quickly becoming my favorite cookie.  So good.  So nostalgic.  So awesome.

6.  I am looking forward to the holidays.  Sad, I know.  It's only July. . .but almost August . . which is almost fall . . . which leads directly into the 2.5 month Christmas Holiday Extravaganza at Casa Avery.  For real, as soon as trick or treat is over, the tree comes up and I start cranking the Christmas music with gusto.  I often say it's for my kids--and it totally is.  But I won't lie--it is my absolutely FAVORITE time of year and I love every minute of it.  And, let's not forget last year's fiasco with ghetto tree.  Let's just all take a minute and think about Christmas:  Trees.  Presents.  Cold weather resulting in cute winter attire.  Hot chocolate.  Fireplaces.  Snuggly blankies.  Christmas music.  RUDOLPH!!!  Stockings.  Brown paper packages tied up with string. . .these are a few of my favorite thingssss!!!!

7.  Molly learned to tie her shoes today!  She's never expressed too much interest in it--and has always wanted Crocs instead of tennis shoes.  She had a pair last year but I double knotted them each morning to prevent them from flapping or becoming untied during the day.   However, we picked up a really cute pair for her and I told her that 1.  She couldn't wear them outside to play in before the first day of school.  2.  She had to practice tying them every single day because she would NOT be one of those kids sent to school with laces she was unable to tie.  So aggravating as a teacher--absolutely annoying when those kids put their feet on your knees for you to tie--especially when you have on nice pants.  3.  She had to learn to tie them herself before she would be allowed to wear them to school.  My fashionista would not be deterred from tying those bad boys.  She worked on them for about 10 minutes yesterday and an hour and half today and finally got it just right (several times in a row).  I'm so proud of her!

8.  Lily is going through a tantrum phase.  Mommy is going through a "beat more booty" phase.  If you're not a spanker, I apologize for making you feel bad for my children.  Feel free to read more about my discipline style.

Unless you're a nonspanker.  Then, just don't read it.

Or maybe you should.

9.  Pear recipes.  I need them.  Desperately.  We will have plenty of pears before too long--and I can't let them go to waste!!!

10.  I'm looking forward to my nap time this afternoon.  Whether I actually nap or not, it's 2 hours of bliss and quiet.

Happy Thursday everyone!!! :)

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