Ghetto Tree

is going down. . .

This pre-lit tree, which used to be the apple of my eye, is seriously ticking me OFF!

Just a few days ago, Molly noticed the top had gone out of the tree.  Chris went and bought replacement bulbs and after replacing 20 of them yesterday afternoon  (yes, 20!) the strand still wouldn't come back on.  So, I weaved an extra strand around the top and camouflaged my ghetto tree.  Chris and I also decided to shop the last-minute sales and found a nice 9 foot tree at Lowe's today that was originally priced at $175 for $75 (not pre-lit) and brought it home.  We left it in the box, fully intending to make it through the season with the ghetto tree and then have a brand, spanking NEW tree for next year.

Oh no.  Ghetto tree apparently got wind of the replacement and stuck its middle finger up at us  and decided to not cooperate anymore.  Now the middle of the tree is refusing to shine.  Chris has banned me from plugging it back in because apparently it has PMS electrical issues.

This would be the one and only Christmas that we are hosting my family.  Every other year we have gone elsewhere for the Christmas Day celebrations.


I can't imagine Christmas morning pictures with ghetto UNLIT tree.

I can't host everyone on Christmas with ghetto tree.

(Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds, but there are some things this girl gets serious about and Christmas decor is in the top 5 after Jesus, family, friends, and revolving #4).

After all, Christmas is about the birth of my Lord and Savior.

It just wouldn't do to have ghetto tree up on His special day. . . I'm just sayin. . .

So, ghetto tree is coming down a lot earlier than expected and I will be putting up my glorious new tree most likely on Sunday night or Monday morning.

I'm not gonna lie....I'm a little excited about the two for one Christmas tree decorating in one year. . .and having an EXCELLENT excuse for putting up my bigger tree. . .

Merry Christmas everyone!

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