Happy End of the Week!

Here's our Christmas photo since this southern mama didn't take any photos of her girls on Easter this year.

Because I actually had time to sit down and catch up on reading some of my favorite writers and posts, here are some that I loved so much that I'd like to share with you:

To All the Selfish Moms--Mama Lion Strong  

Oh. My. Word--this post is for all of you Rock Star moms who are killing it each and every day in all areas of your life and still feel badly/guilty/selfish asking for some time to yourself to be a human.


On Kindness--Flower Patch Farmgirl

Friends are necessary.
I am a first class introvert.  I would much rather spend time with myself and my thoughts and my space being my own person than have to deal with anyone else.  But, the more stressed out I become, the more I need community.  This post reminded me that I needed to pick up the phone and text my sweet neighbor to see if she could come visit while I had a short pocket of time in my day.  Our children played, we talked about planting vegetables, writing, and nothing special in those 30 or so minutes--but it was just what I needed to pull me out of my shell for a bit. 


Your Kitchen Doesn't Hate You--The Lazy Genius Collective

Get thee in my belly. 
I have been reading Kendra's posts over at The Lazy Genius Collective since the beginning of the school year.  She is HYSTERICAL and I love her practical and sassy words.  I had the pleasure of getting to speak to her on the phone on Thursday night about dinner planning (because my kids could eat McDonald's for the rest of their lives, but that doesn't mean that they should), and ya'll--she is the real. deal.  She is like that friend you need when you are struggling who looks at your situation, listens, and then gives solid advice and tips without feeling like she is shaming you for being a person.  

And then, she discusses with you about the Peril of Darryl.  

Love, love, love her blog.


His Last Wednesday--Seriously.

And, finally, this was the most read and shared post from the month of March here at Seriously.  It's a gentle reminder to stop looking down at the ground and getting lost in our own petty issues.  Keep your heads up, weary ones. 

Enjoy your weekend! xoxxo

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