His Last Wednesday.

I wonder what was on Jesus'  mind on the last full day before His betrayal?  

We remember the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday--but what about the day before? Surely the Lord knew He was to be betrayed and crucified for all of us on the following day.  

I wonder how He spent His last full day as a free man.  Did He spend His time making sure He took care of all of the small daily and trivial things we worry ourselves with every day?  Or was He considering all things Eternal?   

Because even with all of the horrific things waiting for Him, He knew that Love was going to win. 

Maybe we should do the same. 

It's time to live like we're dying--to self, to our sins, to the past.  

Keep your head up, weary ones.  

Sunday's coming. 

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