Glamorous Reality.

Lately it seems like more and more people are wanting the honest, regular, everyday stories.  We can look to Hollywood and the media for the over-the-top, larger than life stories--but for me?  It's the real life, everyday, regular Joe stories that make my heart swoon.  

I celebrate when my friend was able to visit another blogging friend for the first time.  I delight for a little boy who is getting to swim and play cast-free for two whole weeks.  

I love the regular.  

My life is not flashy by any means.  I have a friend on Facebook that teases that I'm spoiled to live on the river--and believe me, I count that blessing daily.  But I'm just as regular as everyone else.  I get up and face messy rooms and situations every day of my life.  I don't have a rags to riches story, I don't have a lost but now I'm found story, and I have a very simple life that is not going to be the basis of a blockbuster movie.  

And, I'm ok with that, too.  
It's my story--and it's special.   

A friend of mine was wondering how effective she could be ministering to those in her church--especially with her pretty ordinary story of life and faith.  I think the church often glamorizes the prostitute turned missionary or the gambler who gave his earnings to the poor--but fails to celebrate the mom who reads the Bible with her kids.  Or the dad that prays with his family.  We fail to mention the grandmothers who have baked cookies and casseroles for the masses or the grandfathers who made an honest living with their hands.  We overlook the majority of us--the ones who attempt to offer our best, who fail daily in the small (and not so small) things, and struggle with trying to make it all right.  

And then most of us go to bed each night to wake up only to do it all again the next day.  

Do not negate your story.  Do not listen to the voices that would have you believe you have nothing to offer.  You are just as important to Him as the criminals He hung next to on the cross.  

And He died so you could live to share your ordinary story of redemption.

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