Story. Special.

Recently the words on my heart have been--it's your story. 

I guess what it all boils down to (and because I've got t-minus 14 minutes until I've got to look presentable for church this morning) is that all of this stuff we go through every day--it's our stories.  And maybe it's not as glamorous or filled with heartache or drama as others' stories, but it's still your story.

I am starting to fight the competition within my heart.  I don't need to compare my story to someone else's story.  Chances are that those people with seemingly fairytale lives probably have some pretty ugly dragons they have to fight off daily.

I need to fight the urge to want more, to desire better, and to wish for other things.  TV and movies and songs would have us think that "special" can only occur if the lighting, clothing, music, and atmosphere are just exactly right--and if the cast and crew are beautiful people with nice smiles.

But I'm starting to remember that "special" happens every single day.  

There is special in the children that are laughing while making a tremendous mess in their bedroom.  There is special in the moment your spouse reaches over and touches your shoulder or hand.  There is special in a good cup of coffee with a friend.  There is special when the tears fall past your cheeks.

Let's fight comparison.  

It's your story--and it's special. 

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