Soreness (aka looking for good in paint selection).

This morning is rainy and gloomy.  There's a rumble of thunder every now and then and my child loudly woke me up by fake crying in her room because she was afraid of the shadows in her room and she needed to go potty.

I don't do well with the startle-wake up method.  
It makes me irritated.  

My legs are sore this morning from playing in the student/staff basketball game yesterday.  Yes, I did "play" and I stuck to my passing game just like Christactular advised me--therefore I happily passed the ball to someone else when someone mistakenly passed me the ball.  It was a lot of fun and the game ended in a tie--the best way for one of these games to end (no bragging rights).  

My mind is sore, too.  I feel slightly overloaded with paint and tile and carpet colors for the new home.  I stood in front of the paint area at Lowes yesterday for a full 30 minutes talking myself in and out of appropriate shades.  Nevermind that I went into Lowes last week and grabbed a ton of colors and had already narrowed it down to several choices. . .but when I got there yesterday, I saw OTHER choices and my head started spinning.  I finally selected 5 colors and bought sample jars to test out on the home before we commit.

We'll spend the afternoon trying to prime our house.  We're hoping to have carpet installed next week, so we are hustling to get the painting/priming down.  I love the idea of home renovation--but in my fantasy world, home renovation would not occur while school is in full swing and simultaneously trying to pack and prepare to move and then function in regular life activities.  I'm slightly overwhelmed, but I keep reminding myself that it's a blessing to have the opportunity to do all of this.

But, for right now, I'm sitting in my favorite seat in the house.  At my lovely table, with a cup of coffee (and it may just be a two-cup morning), and enjoying the rain.  It's going to be a good day when I finally decide to get moving. . .

Happy Saturday everyone!

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