At This Table

I remember her saying, "I'm getting a new table.  My chair no longer fits under this white one."

Cliff had put her old table on blocks so she could fit under it comfortably, but it just wasn't working. 

One day, this table arrived at her home.  

I told her I was in love with her table.  

She said, "It works."

For her, this table was a reminder that life was moving on quickly, and one day she would be unable to catch up.  

Her medicine, her applesauce and spoon, water bottle, meals, cellphone, and Bible rested on this table.  

She and I solved the world's problems, laughed, cried, and planned her funeral at this table. 

This table was the place I learned how to embrace life with the help of my very good friend.  

I am beyond thankful to have this in my home.  

It is already one of my most treasured possessions.  

This table reminds me to live. 

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