Voices from the Past.

Tomorrow is The Great Big Jill Day!  

I hope you are making plans to join us on this day of celebration of the life of Jill Hollis. You might also want to hop on over to Facebook and join the event page to get a good idea of what others are doing on this special day.

Megan shared this article with me a few days ago.  It's from 2005, and features Jill talking about her diagnosis and living with ALS.

Worth the read. 

Trust me on this one.  

Megan recommended, and I agree, that the last few paragraphs really define the Jill we know and love:

A 10-day mission trip to the Ukraine in October helped her devise a plan for the rest of her life. During the trip, she and others helped a hearing aid company fit hearing devices to children in orphanages for the deaf.
Though she saw poverty and deprivation the likes of which she may not encounter in Pitt County, Hollis, nevertheless, feels she can make a difference without traveling around the world to do it, she said.
"The trip was an amazing experience, but there are opportunities to make a difference in people's lives right here in front of me," said Hollis, a Pitt County District Court paralegal before her diagnosis. 

"I want to help people get closer to God. That's the legacy I want to leave."
from www.rideforlife.com

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