The Great Big Jill Day

You're invited to participate in what I'm affectionately calling "The Great Big Jill Day" on August 31st.

This is not a day intended to be full of mourning and wailing and pity parties.

This is going to be a Great Big Day in honor of a Great Big Lady. 

Maybe you are related to Jill.  Maybe you worked with Jill.  Maybe you went to church with Jill.  Maybe you only know her through her blog--which, you should really take the time to read from the beginning.  Maybe you know her kids.  Maybe you know some of her friends.

However if you know her, you know she is a big deal to a lot of us.  And you know that a lot of us were forever changed by her.

And when the 31st rolls around, I think she would want us to celebrate rather than cry.  

Ok, she would be ok with us crying because we haven't forgotten her and because we miss her, but she would want us to be happy, too.  

To prime the pump, and to get you thinking,

"If you had to speak of only ONE way that Jill Hollis changed your life, what would you say?"

Leave the one way you were changed comments below to share with the group--and if you cheat and leave 4 or 5 or 109238981275389.2 ways, I will force you to narrow it down at a later point.  

But the powers that be won't mind too terribly much.  We all have a lot to say about her.

More details to come. . . 

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