Sunday Summary

1. We survived Irene.

2.  Irene was the Little Category 1 storm that could!  I've never seen so much wind and rain from a Cat. 1!

3.  No school tomorrow.  I hear it's pretty rough in Beaufort Co. and a lot of people are still without water and power.

4.  We lost power at 8am Saturday morning and got it back at 3pm today (Sunday).

5.  We lost our fridge/freezer foods, a few missing shingles, debris, a smallish pine tree fell right next to our fence, we've got some wet carpet in Lily's room from a mystery leak which will require some TLC ASAP as I can already smell a weird smell in her room.

Lily walked in and stated in her best Goldilocks and the Three Bears voice, 
"Someone has pooped in my room!"

6.  We were very, very lucky and blessed not to have as much damage as some friends and neighbors.

7.  The Great Big Jill Day is this Wednesday.  We're up to 150 folks participating on Wednesday according to the Facebook event page.  Make sure you make plans to participate!

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