Thoughts on Thursday

1.  Graduate work is DONE!  I can't believe it!  I celebrated my first nonECU student day by making PW salsa, one load of laundry, a good nap, some tv, some reading, and Rachel and Tyler came over last night to watch a movie.  I love summer vacation!!!!

2.  I feel really good about working and completing my degree in 2 years.

3.  I am SO GLAD I do not have additional degree work this year in addition to my job.  I'm looking forward to having more free time in the evenings and on my days off work.

4.  I find my body and mind are exhausted.  I've been really snippy lately with those I love the most and the sleep deprivation has hit me like a ton of bricks the past few weeks.  I have lost all motivation to leave my house or do anything that requires exertion.

5.  VBS is next week.  That's another exhausting week--but worth it for the children to learn more about Jesus.  I am hoping things calm down a little after it's over.  We'll see. . .

6.  Chris and I are hoping to take a vacation to celebrate our anniversary and my graduation in a few weeks.  We're thinking of heading to Savannah! :)

7.  I really would like to hibernate during this heat.  With a frosty beverage.  A fan.  And maybe take a nap.

8.  My cell phone is broken.  The port on the side where you insert the charger is cracked and I have NO CLUE how that happened.  I have never had a broken cell phone--I take really good care of my stuff so I'm slightly peeved that this happened.  I'm waiting on a battery charger and trying to rig up my existing one to get any amount of juice possible.  So, if you text me and I don't text you back, please don't take it personally.   Please email or call my house for the next week or so.

9.  There is a front pushing through--causing terrific headaches.

10.  Chris came home yesterday with a chinup bar, weights, and excitement about starting P90X.  I want to vomit a little thinking about it. But, maybe, just maybe, it will be something good we can do together.

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