Show Up in January.

January Focus:  Show up for health and wellness.

I spent the last half of 2018 in and out of different doctor's offices and had a ton of tests and procedures performed--all indicating that I was, in fact, in pretty good health.  I ran a marathon in November and have my eyes on some more races in the coming year.  

However, after I ran the marathon in November, I have had a hard time keeping myself on a regular exercise routine.  The holidays did a number on my schedule and energy levels and I find myself ready for a new goal.  The next race on the calendar will be in March and I've got to get back into the routine.  

I learned from the billions of tests that my body does not always like to exercise and it will protest with hives in the winter months and tingling sensations when my electrolytes get out of sorts.  I have worked to reduce caffeine to nothing more than my 2ish morning cups of coffee most days, and drinking primarily water.  I have been going to sleep earlier this school year.  

And, if I'm going to show up for health and wellness, then I probably should figure out how to eat properly again.  I'm excellent at breakfast and lunch--being unable to leave my work at lunchtime makes it really easy to eat what you brought (because being hangry is not a good idea).  But dinner and weekends?  All bets are off--I'm going to eat what I want, when I want, and not think too much about it.  I do not have tons of money to buy larger clothes, so it's time to get back on the healthy bandwagon.

But showing up for my health and wellness is much more than diet and exercise. 

It's choosing to fix my face and hair in the mornings. 
Caring about how I look when going out into the world. 
Making the effort to read the devotion, write in my journal, and start my day earlier than my family.   
Listening to my body instead of my demanding to-do list. 
Reading and listening to books and podcasts. 
Deleting apps, unfollowing, and and discarding things and situations that make me feel crowded and gross.
Allowing mysef to feel mix of feelings, but not dwelling on the things I cannot control.

I'm showing up for myself this month in the most primal ways.  
Join me? 


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