This is the time of year I feel alive.  

When the temperatures finally cool, when the air is crisp, and everything gets a little more cozy.  I long for this season each and every year.  I love the way our focus turns towards others as we plan family dinners and gifts.  I like piling on the blankets and fall fashion.  I like the cozy moments and the soft fabrics.

Christmas 2015
I love the haunting and merry melodies, and I always get a little excited when I hear sleigh bells in the stores.  I love the wonder and the delight.  I love the nostalgia and the memories and traditions.

I've been taking my time spreading the cheer this year in our home.  This is our first holiday season in this house and I'm still figuring out how I want it to all come together.  I'm thinking through furniture placement and new homes for decorations.  I'm being more intentional this year, and I'm hoping this brings me a little more peace as we head into the most wonderfully hectic time of the year.


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