Light and easy.

On Thursday night, I handed over my laptop and told my husband to change my Facebook password.  I was done with the stupidity and name calling and childishness and I needed a break.

I've only tried to log in about 4 times since then--out of habit.  But each time I am happily reminded that I don't have to check in on all of the childish stupidity.  I can just opt out and wait for the world to chill out a little before going back in to see your beautiful family photos and thankful status updates.

I needed a minute (or a few weeks) because I was tired of having my heart broken by posts.  I was tired of seeing people's true colors on all sides of the political spectrum.  I was tired of seeing good people attacked by good people and everyone feeling like they had to defend their side of the issues.

So I loaded my Instagram feed and followed several new accounts with happy Christmas decor photos and discovered that I really like white, nostalgic, and natural scenes.  Give me some white barns, fluffy snow, evergreens, and some burlap and twinkle lights--swoony Baby Jesus magic.

I spent some time picnicking with my family on the playground by the estuarium eating Bill's Hotdogs, and got all of the laundry done.  I savored a good cup of coffee and went for an early morning run on the waterfront.

I looked out of the car windows on the way to my parents' house because the leaves have finally decided to turn colors--brilliant oranges and yellows and reds dot the eastern NC highways.  I've studied the architecture of the older buildings in our downtown, and gotten giddy over fall and winter fashion.  I've recognized and appreciated the goodness in the world around me.

I've watched some smart comedies and Forrest Gump.  I've wrapped some presents and ordered a birthday present for my husband.  I've spent time talking to my girls and found a little more patience in my tone as we've worked through some lessons and issues.  

Life has been busy and full, but a lot less angry these days.    

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