Day 21: Fresh air.

This is Day 21 of the 31 Days of Small series. 

I hate conflict, but I like resolution.  

I hate letting people down, because I want to make everyone's world better.  

I hate failure, but I love a good underdog story.  

I can take all of the things that make me small and wallow in them, or I can confront them with perspective.  

I know my weak and soft spots.  I know things that will make me feel poorly, and I do my best to avoid putting myself in those situations.  When properly considered, my smallness can help me extend compassion towards others in the same boat, and it reminds me that I'm not more worthy of Grace than anyone else.  I can turn inward towards my smallness and lick my wounds, or I can use my smallness to give me fresh eyes.  How I deal with my smallness directly affects those around me.  

My smallness can be a gift.

And so can yours.   

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