31 Days: Monday.

This is Day 17 of the 31 Days of Small series. 

Monday is such a task-master.  She comes in all Martha-esque after the weekend and fails to see that we are riding the struggle bus (or she at least doesn't seem to care).  We've probably had too much fun and stuff and not enough sleep and all of those things we talked about yesterday as being important to our well-being.  Weekends are for living it up!

But Monday announces our smallness, and not always in the best ways.  It jolts our systems, it runs us down, and it makes us feel like we're running to catch the train.  We remember all of the things we were supposed to do and forgot about in the midst of the weekend, and we shame ourselves for not using our time better to become more efficient.  Monday reminds some folks that we spend a lot of hours in our lives doing things we don't necessarily enjoy for the sake of a paycheck.  And she also teaches us what being an adult is all about (and it's not all that it's cracked up to be).  

Monday is not our enemy.  It's just a day on the calendar that happens to mark the traditional start of a new week of work.  She puts us back on track and relentlessly appears at the stroke of midnight at the end of each weekend.  But she's not out to get us. 

Sometimes we're the ones who are out to get ourselves.  

Quiet the voices and embrace your smallness today.  

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