31 Days: Windows

Day three of the 31 Days

I spent all summer looking at her outside of my window.  She spun the most beautiful webs and grew into a most impressive spider.  She was nothing special--just your garden variety of spider, but she was our Charlotte and we loved her.  

Well, as much as one can love a creepy spider.  

She was something constant in my days this summer.  I'd check on her every morning and afternoon, and sometimes I'd just sit by the window and watch her weave and feed.  I'd watch her unfurl her long legs and marvel at the way she existed. 

"This is small" is the phrase I felt one afternoon looking at her through the window.  Those quiet moments when I got out of my head for a few moments and really took a good look at what was happening outside of my window.  When I turned my thoughts outward and contemplated life and living.  Sometimes we get bogged down in our own thoughts and needs and forget.   

These are good moments and they are important.  Take a deep breath today and look out of your window and get a good look at the world.  There are many things that are demanding our attention, and a lot of times they can appear scary and unsettling.  

But sometimes the most difficult things can become lovely when we take the time to examine them properly.  

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