31 Days: Shameful

This is Day 19 of the 31 Days of Small series. 

I bet you know immediately what I'm talking about.  That moment you failed, you sinned, you fell short of the mark.  I bet you remember how ugly it felt and I bet you have some shame rolling around in your heart and mind when you think about it.  Those moments that are not reflective of the people we want to be.  Those moments when we let ourselves and others others down.   

Everyone has some hidden smallness, but no one wants to admit it.  

At least not out loud. 

If we've sought forgiveness, if we've done our best to right the wrongs, if we've tried to make amends, and we're doing our best to change our behaviors--then we need to give ourselves the grace we would likely extend to others.  We would tell others in the same predicament to not be so hard on themselves.  

But shame holds us down.  Shame tells us that everyone would be so disappointed and shocked by our failures.  Shame makes us want to run and hide and cover our eyes and make it all go away.  Shame makes us smaller than necessary.  

But Love reminds us we are forgiven.  
Love holds our hands and walks beside us, rather than leaving us to fight all alone.
Love encourages us to get up and start a new day with a clean slate.  
Love gives us purpose and strength to endure.  

Perhaps you need this reminder today.

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