31 Days: Larger together.

This is Day Five in the 31 Days of Small series.

Monday was difficult, and then I got the text from a dear friend as I was walking to the car with my girls.  We had to get to an appointment and had a few errands to run, but these words stopped me in my tracks: 

I have 2 cancerous tumors in a breast.  I will start chemo in a couple of weeks and have a mastectomy after 6 rounds of it.  Please pray for me and my family. 

Life can really knock the wind out of your sails some days.  There were many, many things on my mind, but I kept walking ahead while keeping myself under control.  My daughters didn't need to know about the text I received just yet.  One of my girls had my friend as a teacher, and Molly loves her fiercely.  I was not ready to have that conversation with my daughter, and I didn't quite know what to say.  

These are the moments when there isn't enough to do or say.  I offered my words of encouragement, and felt like they fell short.  Honestly, there aren't words to fix things like a cancer diagnosis.  It makes us feel confused and helpless, and it makes us feel like we are so small.

But if we are small together, we can make a large difference.    

In these moments, I think we choose to offer connection and support.  No one should have to walk through these things alone.  I think we offer love and encouragement, because everyone needs to know who's in their corner with them.  I think we offer our tears and hugs and words of affirmation, even when they aren't enough to fix it.  

And I insist we offer our prayers, because they can move mountains.

I love you, L.H.   

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