31 Days: Importance.

This is Day 12 of the 31 Days of Small series.
We had a hurricane hit our area.  We lost power for a few days and had a minor leak--but we were fortunate compared to so many in our area.  

Hurricane Matthew reminded us of being small.  Being without power for a few days will remind you what is (and what is not) important.  

Being together with your family is important.  
Having your basic needs met is important. 
Taking care of those less fortunate is important. 
Recognizing how very blessed you are--because being without power for a few days and having to replace a fridge and freezer full of food is an inconvenience, not a tragedy.      

There are so many things that we can be anxious about during this time, but I love how a community rallies after a hurricane.  I hate that people are put through difficult times.  I hate that many of my friends and students are being displaced.  I hate knowing there are lives forever changed. 

But I love the way many small hands are making a difference.  I love the way the this city and her people are extending their services to others.  I love that right now people are not concerned with sides and politics and trivial issues, and are rolling up their sleeves to help others.  

Because this is what being small is all about.  

Be safe, Eastern NC. 

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