There aren't enough hours in my day.

I have grit and grime and a to-do list and a calendar.

I am running full-throttle at work and when I get home it's a different kind of crazy, and in a lot of ways I'm too tired to care anymore (like putting on house flip-flops while cooking because I don't have time nor the desire to sweep that floor one. more. time.)

And I'm racing to 40 and feeling the fatigue and the lack of youthful glow on my exterior.

I have highs and lows in my life, but I often center my thoughts on the past and the lows I created for myself.

So, I go to bed and find myself doing the same thing again the next day. 

In my quiet moments I just want some peace and order to my life and surroundings. 

I wonder if that is really too much to ask?  

But in my deepest corners of my heart, I'm listening to the Whisper.  The one who knows you by name and intimately knows your heart.  The one who gives me hope and puts peace in my spirit.

There's a book waiting to be written. 

And I have a message that resonates in my heart and a message I believe will resonate with others.

So, today I will walk in this chaotic life, often feeling very small and insignificant, but recognizing that in my smallness, He is greater.

And that when I am feeling small, I can be free.  

To be continued. . .walk with me? 

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