Make it for dinner: Easy Skillet Cordon Bleu

Let's be honest: Planning dinners as a working mom of 3 girls (2 of which are incredibly picky and only eat things in the brown and yellow families) and a busy, hectic schedule of church, activities, and trying to exercise makes kitchen life pretty crazy.  I get so tired of the same old, same old dinners every week and I don't have time for anything complicated because I don't have the mental energy to deal with fancy after a long day of dealing with children who are not biologically mine.

Not biologically mine, but nothing says "fancy" like your husband in a child's hot dog suit in the middle of the Christmas aisle at Target. 
However, this past week I stumbled across this gem of a recipe for Easy Skillet Cordon Bleu and thought I would share it with all of you.  My entire family DEVOURED it and I made enough for leftovers (which, surprisingly, were even better!)  You probably have most of these items already on your grocery list (I substituted the Canadian bacon for prosciutto that we had for another recipe, and I baked it in a glass dish for the few remaining minutes rather than broiling because something about the intense heat of the broiler is scary to me).  It is super, super fast and easy and so tasty!  You could make it for 1 or 10 (it's your kitchen, feed however many is necessary).  I simply served it with a side of strawberries and you would have thought I was the cook of the month.

Happy bellies, happy sleepers.  

Happy Monday!  xoxxo

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