Be awesome.

I'm sure many of you agree with me that Target has got it going on in terms of awesome. 

It's cute, it's bright, it's funky, it's fresh, and dang it if that little Dollar Spot doesn't inspire me to put at least one (or four) additional item in my buggy.

Every. Single. Time. 

Sometimes it only takes a dollar (or three) to spark a little happiness in your life.  Sometimes it's a walk downtown with your love muffin and a scoop of ice cream.  It might be a new candle or some cute little tomato plants.  It might mean that you buy the better bubble solution for the extra dollar because your toddler loves to chase her some bubbles.  Maybe you need to discuss with everyone why Darryl canNOT be dead and why Joanna makes us all giddy with her creative self.  Sometimes it's an inside joke amongst friends, or the promise that this, too, shall pass.  

Whatever that spark of awesome is, get out there and find it. 

Make it a priority in your day-to-day.  

You are not too old, too tired, nor too cool to decide to be authentically awesome today. 

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