This time of year should include saying "no" to all of the things that make you feel like you are not good enough, not loved enough, or not important enough.

It's time to say "yes" to all of the things that make your eyes prickle with tears, that make your load a little lighter, and make it easier for you to rest easy.  It's time to listen to what makes your heart beat with anticipation, and it's time to breathe deeply into the quiet things that cross your path each day.

It's time to invite the hush and wonder of the season into your homes, and it's time to close the door on past regrets and mistakes that still haunt the darkest corners of our hearts.  It's time to bring the many burdens we carry into this season of promise and set them down at the manger.  It's time to give thanks and remember that while we are not worthy to receive such great gifts, we can wear the faces of people who have been Loved deeply and Forgiven greatly.

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