No-vember: Stickers & Prizes

Say "no" to the feelings of having to be everything to all the people around you.  

Refuse to get caught up in the hype and the pressure to be the bright and shining star in all situations.  Do not let the greener pastures and the successes of others make you feel anything less than who you are in this moment.

Because Lily has already captured "Most Fab" for life. 
Say "yes" to guarding your emotions, mind, and your heart before the seeds of doubt are planted and watered.  Say "yes" to keeping yourself on your side of the fence.  Embrace the smallness of where you are today, knowing you are in this particular season of your life for a reason.

And rejoice in the fact that you are handling your business like an adult who no longer requires a gift or a sticker or a prize for doing a great job.  

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