31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 7

Find someone today who speaks your heart's language.  

Find that friend, that coworker, that neighbor, that person you are trying to get to know better, that person you haven't talked to in ages, and talk to them.

Tell them what's on your mind.  Tell them about what's on sale.  Tell them about the dumb things your children/pets did the other day.  Tell them about the things that scare you.  Tell them everything and nothing.

Repeat at least once a week.  

Trust me, my introverted self could probably be fine for quite some time without having to engage in any sort of social interaction.  I've always kept my close friends count to a single digit number, and my social circle rarely reaches a double digit.  I often have to force myself to engage in social commitments, and even then I feel safest on the outside seat and definitely not in the center of attention.

Meanwhile, I'm also dreaming about being at home with my pajamas and quiet and maybe a little coffee if it's not too late. 

I'm such an old lady.  
Pass the Ovaltine. 

But I know how good it is to have a good friend.  I know how good it is to hear the words you've needed to hear (even when you may not have wanted to hear them).  I have friends I've known for decades and friends I've only known for a hot minute.  These people help me remember that life is more than just getting through the day, checking everything off the lists, or managing the calendars.  Friends give us the time to reflect, the ability to process, and the satisfaction of a good laugh or cry.

Your job today?  Connect with your people. 
And if you don't have people?  Find them.      

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