31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 21

Sometimes we just need someone to come along and say, "me, too."

We need the transparency, we need the encouragement, and we need to know that we are normal.

It's nice to be normal.  

Maybe someone in your circle needs someone to hold their hand, look in their eyes, and say, "me, too."  Maybe instead of your advice, they just need you to listen.  It might even be the person you least expect because they always seem to have it all together all the time.

 Because no one's really got it all together.  

Maybe you'll find out that you aren't the only one who has endless laundry, toilets that need swishing, and children who forget to give you important papers with the church's Christmas program date after you have already booked out of town flights for that very weekend.

Lauren Thorn Photography
Or is that just at my house? 

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