31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 19

Writing for 31 days in a row is a challenge at times.  

Sometimes I feel like I've got things to say, and other days it takes a while to get the creative juices going.  

Writing is a process.  

Reclaiming life is a lengthy process.  

This month has been very eye-opening for me (and I'm glad some of you have come along for the ride).  I'm starting to see how protective I need to be over certain areas of my life, and I'm realizing that other areas don't need me to protect them.  I'm trying to trim the fat in some places, and I'm going to have to nourish others.  I'm listening to my mind, body, and soul and recognizing a lot of partnerships between the three.  

I say it all the time, but I cannot do it all.  

And I'm doing my best to manage my 24-hours each day before they manage me.  

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