31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 18

Snuggly Sunday mornings are for taking life a little slower. 

Sipping an extra cup of coffee, smiling at the silly toddler, and being content. 

Here's some articles and things I found interesting this week for your reading pleasure (between the coffee, church, and naps):

Against Eternal Youth:  This article was shared by a friend this weekend on Facebook.  I've been watching the Mad Men series and have been wistfully looking at the class and style of the 1960s.  Men and women behaved so differently then--and there is a small part of me that longs for that time (minus the excessive chain-smoking/drinking in the office, affairs, and a few other ridiculous notions about women not be able to handle life in general).  However, each generation has their own issues they must deal with, and the results of their choices are not always so grand.

Discuss amongst yourselves. 


I have yet to see any of the Pirates movies in completion because motherhood always seems to pull me away (and I do not have the same fascination for boys in guy-liner as my sister and other ladies in the Depp fan club), but this is pretty awesome:


There are bad days and then there are bad seasons.  

There is hope, too. 


This article by Sarah Bessey moved me down to my toes.  What is it about growing up and doing church that makes us forget that our lives are worship?  Wave your flags, sing your songs, write your words, make the cookies--and embrace the wonderfully weird and unique person you have been created to be as you praise the One who created you in such wonderful fashion.  

And, finally, I've been told I look like these two.  Your thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend! xoxxo

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