31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 17

Living is how we spend our time today and every single day. 

Today might be a day full of things you are excited about.  It might be weddings and chips and salsa with friends.  It might be football and being outdoors.  It might be shopping and planning.  It might be time with your family.  It might be coffee and holding hands. 

Or, it could be filled with work and routine.  It might be laundry and toilets and groceries.  It might be funerals and handing the kids off to the other parent for the weekend.  It might be spending time alone.  It might be doing everything except what you would like to do be doing. 

No matter what you are doing today, you have the opportunity to do it. 
You are living, breathing, and moving.

Be thankful. 

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