31 Days of Reclaiming Life: Day 13

Happy October.
You're welcome. 
Yesterday in my classroom I was quietly explaining to a bunch of overly rambunctious second graders about how October is the start of my favorite time of year.  I described the leaves on the trees and the crispness of the air.  I reminded them of the snuggly feeling of blankets and movies by the fire.  We talked about the smells and flavors of fall baking.

As I was talking I saw a bunch of wiggly children calm themselves and sit quietly as they imagined all of the peaceful things that I shared with them.  The smiled sweet smiles and nodded their heads as they thought about all of those things.

I've shared before about welcoming peace and quiet into my classroom, but I think there's more to that idea.  Sometimes just our presence and words can bring peace to others (or quite the opposite). I know there are people with velvet voices that make all my stress melt away.  And there are gentle souls that have words that come from places filled with milk and honey and goodness.

And then there people and situations that can make us ready to overturn tables.

It's so easy to get caught up in the complaining and moaning and groaning of each day.  There is so much to be unhappy about and the injustice is unlimited in this world.  There are people who make me crazy, decisions I don't agree with, and things I just don't want to do.

But I have to decide each moment of each day how I'm going to react.  I have to predetermine that I'm not going to let crazy happen in my spirit.  When I'm faced with a challenging person or situation, I need to remind myself that I have been given so many gifts and blessings, and that I can choose to launch my own attack or I can choose to react with love.

Living starts by taking a deep breath, after all. 

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