A week from today I start my new adventure at a different school.  I'll be the new kid on the block--stumbling through the where to finds, who to calls, what to dos, and the figuring it all outs.  That evening we will walk with our eldest daughter into the local middle school for Open House.  I think she's feeling the same way as we approach this coming year.

And you could not pay me to go through middle school again.   

We will wear clothes we haven't seen in months, we will get up earlier than necessary, and we will remember the synchronized routine necessary for getting everyone out the door on time.  We will pack lunches, we will coordinate schedules, we will figure out the new normal.  We will open our arms to the new school year and welcome all the changes in store for our family.

August has been full of highs and lows.  We closed the camp season and the grounds are eerily quiet for the first time in months.  We have seen friends, we have eaten out, and we have binge-watched some Netflix.  I have spent time in my new classroom and have worked through lesson ideas for the first few weeks of school.  We have prayed for my grandfather who was in the hospital for 2+ weeks and has now been moved to a rehab facility.  For a while things were looking very bleak, but it appears that he is taking some steps towards recovery.  We are hoping for the best, but have also been preparing for the worst.

I'm still singing "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" and finding the sweetness in the honesty of the words.  I always want to find peace when I'm stepping out of the familiar and into the unknown, and I love being excited about what's ahead.

The end of August always seems to do this to me.  

I'm standing with one foot on vacation and the other in the real world, but, at least for today-- 

I'm somehow happy to be in this place of in between.  

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