Looking Ahead.

Summer is moving forward at full speed.  It's hot and humid and the evening thunderstorms light up the river sky like a disco.  The mosquitos and ants are plentiful, and all I want to do is park myself over the AC vents in the house.

We've enjoyed a lot of movies and dress-up.  We've spent time with family and friends.  We love listening to the evening worship by the river and seeing all the new and familiar faces.  We've shared meals with those we love, and we've traveled to visit family.

But, as with every summer, I find myself looking ahead to the coming fall.  To Back to School and all of the holidays and things that keep us busy between now and mid-January.  I have a notebook full of good ideas for my new school year, I've got Pins galore for Christmas, and I've got my Disney agenda planned (because that's happening, too!)

But, I'm also reminding myself that I've still got about a month to make it count.  

I have a hard time dealing with the present.  I find my mind often wants to live in the future or in the past.  I dream about things to come, I ponder moments that have already passed--and yet, I have to remind myself to take time to be present in the present.  I can't always change the moments ahead of me, and I will never be able to change the moments behind me.

But, I can change the way I behave and react in the now.  I can determine how I spend my time--whether I'm using that time to plan ahead, to dance with my girls, or to be absolutely worthless on the recliner--and sometimes those choices are all good depending on the moment.  I want to be able to look back at this summer and remember how we made good on the time given to us.  

Last summer, sweet girls.  
These sweet summer days are so short and fleeting, and I don't want to look around in September and wonder what in the world happened to my June, July, and August.    

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