Welcome, sweet Summer.

Today is the first "official" day of summer vacation.  Camp has started, we're going to VBS, and I'm trying to remember what a clean house looks like.  I have a dentist appointment this afternoon (which reminds me that I also need to make a couple of well-child appointments).  I'm going to see my parents for a few days, and my car has started acting all wonky.  I have more laundry than I know what to do with--and I have been attacking that mountain steadily since last week.

I swear my laundry baskets have been enchanted by an evil troll.  

I am moving slowly this morning.  I'm seriously considering putting a sign on my door this morning that says "Don't knock, don't ring, don't bother." My mind and body are having a hard time switching "off" after a few weeks of literal insanity at this house.  Chris and I have worked long hours with overlapping schedules for far too many days resulting in a lack of sleep, nutrition, routine, and self-care.  Last night around midnight my body reminded me that I'm human and that I've got to stop before I completely burnout.  The introvert in me has been seriously overstimulated and I'm in desperate need of shutting the world out for a few days.

But, since that can't happen in real life with little kids, I'll settle for daily naps.   

So, this morning I'm starting my vacation with my favorite reset activity:  at my seat at the table with my journal, coffee, and Words of encouragement.  I'm going back through my journal to see all of the ways the Lord has moved in my life these past few weeks--when I was too busy to notice, when I felt like everything was going all wrong, when I couldn't do much more than put one foot in front of the other.  He has been so present and steady--even when requesting help regarding the most trivial things. 

The Lord answered this prayer about the pool before noon that day.  
Even though we started the pool process way ahead of schedule this year, we have had weeks of rain and crazy delays, wrong parts, and scheduling issues.  It was looking like it wasn't going to be ready by Sunday night when our campers came.  But, the pool inspector happened to call that very morning and had it all ready to go by lunch time.  On the day she had said she wouldn't be available--she happened to check her voicemail and decided to stop by the camp anyway.  

So as I greet this day, I'm writing in this space and allowing myself to move ever so slowly.  I'm going to savor another cup, spend time with the girls, and get myself back in order.  The house is quiet except for the sounds of the washing machine and dryer, and I've still got all of the curtains drawn to keep things still for a few more hours.  

This is the very moment I've been waiting for.  

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