Closing Time.

So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits.  
I hope you have found a friend. 
Closing time. 
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. 
This song has been dancing around in my head the past few days (ps--it's not even about the closing of a bar)(Seriously, it's not).  We've been celebrating a lot of endings these past few weeks as our school year draws to a close.  The days seem so incredibly long at times, but another school year has come and gone.  I'm looking forward to opening my arms wide and embracing summer vacation like never before.

The end of this year brings about a lot of mixed emotions.  My sweet, sweet Mo is leaving her elementary days behind and is heading to 6th grade next year.  A part of me is sad that she's growing up so quickly, but mostly I'm excited about what's ahead for her.  

I have high hopes for next year, but Molly's just hoping for more Starbucks.  

And then there's sweet and sassy, Lillian: 

She doesn't know it, but her teacher is currently going through a tough battle with breast cancer.  She has had a delightful year in second grade and will miss school and her buddies over the summer.  

However, she will be just fine with pjs and cartoons tomorrow morning. 

And then there's Little O:

 She and I are getting ready to share a lot of quality and potty time.  We're going to spend a lot of our days learning how to wear underwear like a big girl because this mama needs a pay raise.  We're going to play in her cat-pool (Lily's way of being on trend when she's referring to those cute little "kitty" pools), eat lots of vanilla wafers, and hang out with Elmo and Abby on the S. Street.  

And. I. can't. wait!

And this next year is bringing about some changes for me as well.  Today marks the close of a chapter at my current school.  After a lot of praying and conversations with the Lord and with those who know and love me, I'm transferring to a different school in my town.  Music jobs are so few and far between, so when this position opened up I felt in my gut that this was the professional direction I needed to take.  I'm sad to leave behind my friends at JSS--there are some mighty fine staff members at that school.  I have had some great moments in that building, and I have taught some precious, precious children.  Those crazy 4th and 5th graders have reminded me why I love my job each and every day.  They never failed to give me sweet smile or encouragement when I needed it the most.

But I'm very much looking forward to teaching cute little 2nd and 3rd graders.  They have always been my most favorite age to teach--they still love school and their teachers, they aren't afraid to sing and act silly, they still use their imaginations, and I just like them.  I'm already planning things for the coming school year, and I'm very excited about this move.

And lucky for me, I've already got an almost 3rd grader who's going to show me the ropes in her school. 


Happiest of summer vacations, sweet folks!  

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