Stitch Fix #2

I received my second box from Stitch Fix last week.  If you have not heard of this service, it works like this:
  • Go online and sign up to join Stitch Fix. 
  • Complete your style profile. 
  • Order your first fix.  There is a $20 styling fee when you place your order.  However, if you decide to keep anything in your box, that $20 is credited towards your purchase.  If you keep all 5 pieces in your box you will receive 25% off your total purchase.  
  • If you do not care for an item(s) in your box, simply return them within 3 days using the postage-paid USPS envelope that is included in your box. 
  • They recently began carrying maternity clothes!  This would be an awesome treat for the mommy-to-be in your life!  Mother's Day is coming and Stitch Fix has gift cards!
Make sure you are very honest when completing your Style Profile--they will ask you very specific questions about your height, weight, measurements, favorite styles, etc.  Also, think about the kind of clothes you would normally wear, or clothes that you might want to begin including in your wardrobe.  I ask that my fixes include clothes that are both comfortable and casual--but cute enough to wear to work.  I also want clothes that can be worn together--and that will go with items I already have in my closet.  I selected the prices I was willing to pay for different items of clothing and requested that they not send me overly frilly items or fake fur, etc.  Stitch Fix also recommends that you create a board on Pinterest so that your stylist can see what types of clothing you are interested in receiving in your boxes.  

I was very excited to see that my fix was styled by the same stylist I had the first time.  She included a dress (loved the cut, loved the style--but, the material would have made me suffocate in our lovely humid summer), two blouses (kept one, hated the other--totally not my style, weird high/low cut that only accentuated my mommy tummy), a cardigan, and a pair of skinny jeans (they were ok, but not great enough to keep) in this box.  While I liked most of the items, I decided to keep only 2 of them for this particular Fix: 

Pinson Drape Cardigan from Brixon Ivy ($54)
I am very excited about this cardigan!  

The material is very soft and I love the way it drapes.  It is perfect for these spring days that start and end a little cooler.  I specifically asked to have it included in my fix--so I was happy to see my stylist, Suzanne, had read my notes and tried to accommodate.  

Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse from Pixley ($54)

Phone-photo.  So professional! And what am I looking at??? 
This top is super cute!  It is flowy and such a fun pattern.  My only "negative" is that the arm holes are a little large--but nothing a camisole couldn't camouflage.

Because I had a referral credit ($25), my total for this fix was $83.00.  I don't feel that this is unreasonable for the quality of these items.  I'm sorry I didn't get photos of the other items--I wanted to make sure that I was able to return the items by the 3-day deadline (it was Easter weekend).  I simply placed the unwanted items right back in the postage-paid USPS bag.  I was able to schedule a pickup straight from my house.  It's sooo much easier than having to get in the car and go back to a store and make a return--especially since most of my clothes shopping does not occur in the town where I live!

I have a lot of fun with this service.  I love the surprise that comes inside each box--it's like Christmas (and we all know how I feel about The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!)  I highly suggest that if you're curious about the service then you should at least give it a try.  You really have nothing to lose except $20 in the event you dislike what comes in your box.  I know that may seem a little much, but I'd be willing to bet you could spend $20 in gas/food/coffee if you spent a day shopping locally--and even then you aren't guaranteed to like anything you see in the stores.

All I know is that I'm hooked and I can't wait for my next box to arrive!

Full Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix and I am not receiving anything for this review.  All opinions are mine.  Also, if you use my referral link, I will receive $25 off my next order when you order your first box.  When you sign up you will also receive your own code and will be able to receive the same deal when your friends sign up! Yay for deals!

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