Teacher Tip Tuesday: Eyeballs.

Today when you're dealing with your sweet babies--make sure you look them in the eyes.  

When you're giving whole class instruction--look them in the eye. 

When you are speaking to a child for his unfortunate behavior choices--make him look you in the eye when you're speaking to him. 

When you are giving encouragement to the child that has been bullied, look him in the eye.  

You know the expression "the eyes are windows to the souls"?  

It's true.  

Your kids' eyes will reveal a lot of secrets that their face, body language, and actions will keep from you.  

But be careful.  

When you look them in the eyes, they will be able to see your intentions, opinions, and heart.   They will know if you love and care for them.  They will also know if you are an impostor who honestly doesn't like them one bit.  

What do you think your kids will see when they look you in the eye today?     

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