That one time I gave Stitch Fix a try. . .

A few of you saw on my Facebook wall that I had recently received my first box from Stitch Fix.  If you have not heard of this service, it works like this:
  • Go online and sign up to join Stitch Fix. 
  • Complete your style profile. 
  • Order your first fix.  There is a $20 styling fee when you place your order.  However, if you decide to keep anything in your box, that $20 is credited towards your purchase.  If you keep all 5 pieces in your box you will receive 25% off your total purchase.  
  • If you do not care for an item(s) in your box, simply return them within 3 days using the postage-paid USPS envelope that is included in your box. 
I signed up for Stitch Fix at the end of January.  I was really curious about the service and decided to give it a try.  I filled out the style profile as best as I could--they will ask you very specific questions about your height, weight, measurements, favorite styles, etc.  I also asked that my fix included clothes that were both comfortable and casual--but cute enough to wear to work.  I also wanted clothes that went together--and that would go with items I already had in my closet.  I selected the prices I was willing to pay for different items of clothing and requested that they not send me overly frilly items or fake fur, etc.  Stitch Fix also recommends that you create a board on Pinterest so that your stylist can see what types of clothing you are interested in receiving in your boxes.  I scheduled my fix to arrive the week after we came back from our cruise in February.

My box was supposed to arrive on Valentine's Day, but it actually arrived on the Thursday prior (yippee!)  That Thursday was a very long day and I didn't end up getting home until after 10pm.  I needed a shower and to get in bed immediately, but my curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and opened my box.

Inside was a friendly note from my stylist, the clothes, an envelope to return unwanted items, and a styling card with ideas about wearing the clothes for different events.

The clothes were all wrapped neatly in tissue paper.  I really wasn't in love with any of the items upon first look inside the box.  But I had made up my mind that I was going to at least try them on and see what happened:

Collective Concepts tank (print): $64.00
Just Black skinny jeans (Dark Grey): $88.00

I asked specifically for longer shirts in my fix.  My torso is very long compared to my short legs--petite shirts often look way too short on me.  My stylist obviously read my profile--she sent me something in black and white!  I like the tank--it's a little longer in the back to cover the bottom.  I paired this with the skinny jeans.  These jeans are a little bit more snug than what I'm used to wearing, but they have plenty of stretch so I never feel suffocated or uncomfortable.  I wore both to work one day recently and added the gray sweater because February has been brutal in eastern NC!

Laila Jayde cowl neck top (grey): $58.00

I wasn't sure if I would like this when I pulled it out of the box.  I obviously loved the color and the material is super soft, but the fit was a little crazy until I fixed the cowl.  It is one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever owned.  It is lightweight but the sleeves keep the chill off on these crazy winter days.  It is a little sheer, so I choose to wear a black tank underneath.

Collective Concepts Lydia floral print key-hole blouse: $68.00

I was also unsure about the print of this top.  This is not something I would ever pick up in the store--but I love, love, love it!  The material is so soft and it looks great with dress pants or jeans and boots.  I imagine in the summer it would be perfect with jeans and cute sandals.  And I love the key-hole at the top--it just steps the shirt up a bit!

41Hawthorn 3/4 sleeve blazer: $78.00

This was my least favorite item in the box.  It's not my typical style and the fit is just ok.  However, because of the 25% discount if you purchase all 5 items in your box, I was going to pay the same price whether I sent it back or not.  Therefore, I decided to keep it.  A blazer is a wardrobe staple, and I like the ruched sleeve and the striped lining.  It makes a boring item a little more fun.

I couldn't believe that I ended up keeping all of the items in the box!  I normally wouldn't pay that much for clothes--I always seem to find my clothes on sale or at places like the outlets, Old Navy, and Target.  But finding clothes that I liked on me--and getting items that aren't found around in my small town was too much for me to pass up!  The deciding factor was that my husband really liked the clothes and encouraged me to keep them.  Chris never wants to spend any money, and rarely pays full price for anything.

Decision made:  keep 'em!

The total amount for the items in the box came to $356.00.  However, with my 25% discount and my $20 styling fee, it brought the price down to $252.00.  It is still more than I would usually spend, but the clothes are better quality than the items than Target or Old Navy.  For example, $88 for pants is comparable to pants from places like Loft.  I have Loft pants that are almost 8 years old and have never faded, torn, or worn out.  I paid about the same price for them and they have never let me down.  I feel like the items in my fix were good quality and all were easily paired with the items in the box and the items in my wardrobe.

Now let's be clear:  I can't (and won't) pay this amount of money on a monthly basis--but I can see myself ordering a fix every 2-3 months.  You can get your fix as often as every 2-3 weeks (or whatever frequency fits your budget).  I would love to get my boxes more frequently, but my wallet can't handle that sort of pressure right now.  My next box is scheduled to come in April--right around the time the seasons begin to change in eastern North Carolina.  I've also included a note to my stylist indicating that I would like to receive a lightweight sweater or cardigan to wear over sleeveless blouses and dresses.  While it begins getting warm in April around here, mornings and evenings can still be pretty chilly.

I was pretty skeptical about this process, but after going through and getting my first fix, I'm hooked! Why don't you at least give it a try and let us know what you think!

Full Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix and I am not receiving anything for this review.  All opinions are mine.  Also, if you use my referral link, I will receive $25 off my next order when you order your first box.  When you sign up you will also receive your own code and will be able to receive the same deal when your friends sign up! Yay for deals!

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