This morning "officially" begins my most favorite of all seasons.  

I read words of promise and hope in my advent devotional.  I breathe in and sip slowly on my favorite coffee.  The lights are low and I start my day with only my trees illuminating the rooms, and I feel the peace settle deep in my spirit.

I've been waiting all year for this.   

I know that this month takes a lot of momentum and stamina to get through.  There will be parties and events and concerts and things and family and friends.  There will be stress and shopping and planning and cleaning and exhaustion.

But, the little girl in my heart is still full of wide-eyed wonder on this first morning in December. 

I delight in the lights on the trees.  I love the glitter and sparkle on the decorations.  I sing loudly and dance with my babies to the old familiar songs.  I inhale the scents that only come around once a year.  Precious memories of family and friends fill my heart.

And through it all, I remember sweet Mary and how scary it must have been to bring a baby into the world during that time and in that stable.

Welcome, Christmas.  

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