Exhale thanks.

I am so lucky to have so many good folks in my life.  Your encouraging words and stories have refreshed my soul.  I hate that so many of you have been in the same boat as our family, but, at least I know I'm in good company.  Sometimes it's easy to overlook all of the good in your life when a big ol' bad stands in the way.  But I have had love and prayers poured over me and my family in such way that I have literally felt the hands and feet (and arms) of the Church.

It makes my eyes a little swelly. 

Of course, in the middle of all of this, my mind has been mulling over this season of thanks.  I've been reminded of all of the good gifts, but I've also allowed this season of "why not us?" cloud some of my heart.  It's easy to extend good tidings when life is good, but when things are frantic and hectic and just aggravating?

Not so much. 

But, if we're going to really walk in the ways He walked, then we're going to have to turn back our praise and thanksgiving and offer them the One who makes and works in all things.  Including when things are not going the way we expected or wanted.  In the midst of cancer and death and job loss and divorce and financial ruin, we must continue onwards.  

When I'm beyond weary.  
When my words fail me.  
When my heart is tired of dealing with the same issues--this is when it is hardest for my mouth to form words of thanksgiving.  

But when those words of thanksgiving finally escape my lips, they are the most honest and primal words.  And I know deep in my soul that He is listening.

My hardest prayers of thanksgiving have also been some of the most fervent.  These prayers are often little more than a few words, and usually accompanied by a lot of tears and frustrations and hurt and confusion.  These are the prayers when I need Him to fill in the gaps of my words and in my heart.  I have seen others offering these prayers and they are gut-wrenching cries of trust in the midst of incredible loss.  

We aren't always as thankful when our cups are overflowing.  We tend to be more appreciative and grateful when we have been completely poured out and have the space and ability to carry the blessings that are coming our way.

Let's spend these next few days being thankful for the things sitting on our plates--both in the literal and figurative sense.  These things that we're dealing with, these situations we can't make heads nor tails of--these are the things that we must find praise in as well.

And while we're on the subject of giving thanks--I am so happy to report that our prayers have been answered.  
God is good.  
We received and accepted an offer, and are looking to close on our home in just a few weeks.  

And it happened today.  

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