31 Days with Mama A: The Freak Show (Day 19).

This is a continuation (somewhat) of my post from last Thursday.  

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I just love it when a good ol' controversial topic hits the news, don't you?  Especially because we're going to hear two opposing sides from the liberal and conservative media groups.  And then we're going to have our social media sites BLOWING UP with strong opinions on either side.  Friends state publicly how "disappointed" they are in their other friends for having such an opposing view (which, by the way, makes me wonder how much of a "friendship" there is between some folks since they are shocked to discover their friend swims at the other end of the belief pool).  Ignorance and dissension abounds.  People walk proudly on their side and post things to the shock and awe of their readers.  False articles are posted and believed as truth.  People panic and begin blasting their opinions like street corner preachers.   

And the rest of us want to hide because we don't want to be associated with the freak show unfolding right before our eyes.  

Here's the Obvious Bird about to drop something on you:  Your social media presence is bigger than you think.  I'm sure for some of you, this is wonderful news because you want the world to read what you've got to say.  And for others, you're not loving the idea that you've become public knowledge despite all of your privacy settings.  

You can't hide (no matter how hard you try).  

I worry for the young and passionate students and teens deep inside their holiness bubbles.  They are on fire for the Lord and His church.  They are desperately trying to shed some light and they are not afraid to put it out there for the world to see.  But, they forget that their continuous rantings and ravings are no different than someone trying to shove some religious document into your hands or coming to your house to share their particular version of religion.  Every time you folks post something strongly accusing another group of sin and damnation you are pushing them further and further and further away from the church.    

Seriously?  Just get over yourselves and stop waiting for the high-fives and "likes" from the others inside your bubble.  You are throwing rocks with your blanket statements and hateful remarks.  You want to come across so big and tough, but if you wouldn't say it to a stranger's face or shout it out in the middle of a public shopping center, then you have no business putting it up and out on social media for the world to read.   

And you know your mamas raised you better than that.  

I also worry for the older generation who have lost touch with what their "young folks" are facing today.  They have no idea how much the connectiveness of the world has made it a thousand percent scarier. They are frustrated with the younger generation's perceived lack of concern and lax moral values, but they have no clue what happened to make them that way.  So they do things that are very "adult contemporary" churchy--like the CDs you find in Target next to the cards.  So very cliche and studio perfected songs of warm and gushy Christian life.  The world needs to know that it's not as easy as some folks make it seem.  Sometimes it takes everything for someone to walk into the doors of the church, let alone feel like they are loved as much as we say they are.   

And while we're at it?  

Biblical tracts (especially ones left in restrooms) = Inspirational memes on my social media wall

You can do what you want with that statement.

You know what this world needs more of?  People that are genuine.  People that are going to love, serve, and tend to the needs of others.  People that walk beside others in good and bad times.  People that love others no matter what the others are bringing to the table.  People that really care about people without having a hidden agenda.  The world needs people to stop dropping bombs and inflammatory statements on their social media sites. 

The world needs people to get off social media and get into the world.

Because when your community sees that you are the real deal, a broken person just trying to live each day for Jesus--your message will begin to speak for itself without you figuring out how to type it in 144 characters or less. 

Love and smooches, 
Mama A. 
. . . to be continued. . .

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