31 Days with Mama A: Phones (Day 20).

I hope you've been enjoying the series!  
Only 11 days left in the month of October--insanity!

Here's the deal, teens.  I know you love your phones.  I know they are an essential part of your outfit.  I know they are a great tool and distraction.  I know those phones keep you up to date on all the latest news since you left the school building 15 minutes ago.  

Because you just never know what you're going to miss once those buses roll in the afternoons!

But some of you have no idea how ridiculous you've become with those cute little gadgets.  And some of you are starting to alarm me with the need you have for your phones: 

1.  My husband and I saw you this past weekend skating beside your friends and everyone was staring at their phones.  While skating.  Not looking at the other folks on the floor.  Not looking or talking to the friend skating next to you.  Heaven help us all if you are actually entrusted to operate a motor vehicle. 

And while I'm at it, those little booty shorts you were all wearing that *might* have had a 2-inch inseam?  You girls leave nothing to the imagination and you look ridiculous. 

2.  Bathroom selfies.   Please, please, please stop taking photos of you and your friends in the school bathrooms.  

And please, please, please disinfect that phone.  

3.  A 4th grader had his phone out in the cafeteria (big no-no at our elementary school).  He was busy scrolling away and I walked over to ask him what he was doing.  All of his friends looked at me with flying saucer eyeballs and he calmly responded, "Checking my email."

What on earth kind of emails is a 4th grader receiving that must be checked?

4.  You are all in a car/bus/van together and all simultaneously on your phones texting each other.  We adults really don't care about your conversation or middle/high school drama, and if you can't say it in front of your parents, then you shouldn't be talking about it, should you?

5.  And finally, please put that phone up if you are babysitting my children.  If I've trusted you with my kids, I better NOT see you scrolling, typing, or checking that phone when they are in the room with you--especially if I'm paying you good money to take care of them.  And when you are talking to me or my husband, that phone better not be chirping or beeping or giving us any reason to believe that you are not going to devote your attention on my babies.  If I asked you to watch my children, it's because I see you as a respectable and responsible person.

You have been warned. 

Love and smooches, 
Mama A. 

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