31 Days with Mama A: Old Blue. (Day 9).

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Meet Old Blue, the crotchety bird who sits on our bulkhead. 

I don't even know if he's mean or not, and I'm not even sure if Old Blue is old.  I'm pretty sure he's a heron of some sort and I actually think that "he" might be a "she."  This bird stands all alone on our bulkhead most mornings and evenings.

He doesn't make a lot of noise and he doesn't startle too easily.  

The other day I saw him swallow a fish, spit it out in the water, catch it again, and gulp it down.
It was quite an affair and it was quite a large fish.   

His spindly legs carry him across the yard at his own speed like a gentlemen in need of a cane but too proud to get one.  He walks with a funny gait and very slowly.

I'm always afraid to let Buster out when I see the bird because I'm not sure if Old Blue will attack him, and I don't want Buster (in all of his overly friendly enthusiasm) to scare him away. 

And when Old Blue is done looking at whatever it is he watches, his great big wings carry him away. His flight is very deliberate with his legs lagging behind him and his neck in a crooked angle.
His body is so large that everything takes notice as he passes by.  

I think the mystery of Old Blue is what keeps me intrigued.  His quiet presence demands attention.

I like people who act like Old Blue.

Not afraid to be themselves.
Has some imperfections and still walks with confidence.
Not having to show off their many talents.

Much like this little girl. 

Ladies, I think it's time to get comfortable in your superhero outfit again. 

Love and smooches, 
Mama A. 

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