31 Days with Mama A: Carve. (Day 18)

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This is happening.  Soon.  
One of my dear friends texted me yesterday asking when we could visit again--and perhaps even set up regular coffee dates.  My heart leapt with joy!  The idea of having some dedicated time in my schedule for chatting with my sweet neighbor while our children were playing together, adult conversation--and let's not forget the goodness of the coffee (thankyouLordJesus).  We met at her home last Friday afternoon and it was life giving and wonderful.  All my heart really needed was an hour or so of conversation about all this, that, and the other.  Those wonderfully important, trivial, and transparent conversations held between friends who have been acquainted for more than a decade.    

But then I looked in my schedule for the next two weeks and my heart sank a smidge.  We are in the throws of the school year--and between my school (and after school) commitments, my husband's job commitments, my kids' commitments, our church commitments, and anything else that's occurring in the next few weeks--our schedule is slammed packed full of many things.  We have something almost every single day of the week (about an hour's worth of commitments each day between work and bedtime).  Our Saturdays are often full of catching up on everything that must be done, and our Sundays are full with church.  The only true "optional" things in our schedule would be the older girls have dance each one afternoon a week for an hour and I choose to go to the gym 3 days a week (and I normally schedule at least one visit during a dance class, I have a standing Thursday appointment with my trainer, and I usually go on Saturdays).  And while these things are "optional"--I am a believer that kids need some sort of extracurricular activity (one a piece) and my gym time is one of the only things that keeps me from losing all of my sanity (therefore, I would say that it is more of a mandatory thing).

Everything else is school, camp, or church related.  Non-negotiables.   

However, I find when the smallest thing is unexpectedly thrown in the mix, I begin to get the nervous sweats and adrenaline rushes and the frantic figure-it-outs.  

It's not a healthy place to be.   

So, mamas and dads--tell me: how in the world do you do it?  How in the world do you manage to work all day, take care of the home stuff like laundry and bills and lunches, manage your family's schedule, have quality time, and still carve out time to function like a human being?  

I'm all ears. 

Love and smooches, 
Mama A.

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