31 Days with Mama A: Bossy Teacher (Day 15).


I hope you've been keeping up with all of the posts in this series.  I simply cannot believe that October is halfway over.  However, in my house we are down to less than two weeks until The Most Wonderful Time of the Year decorating season begins!!!

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I'm gonna make this short and sweet and straight to the point this morning:

Your child's teacher is the boss and your kid needs to learn that NOW.  They need to understand that even if they rule the roost at their house because their parents are too afraid to parent--their teacher is the queen or king of the classroom between the hours of 7:30-3:00 each day.  They need to know that they do not make the decisions concerning the curriculum.  They need to know that they cannot stand there being stubborn when they are asked to complete a simple assignment or responsibility.  They need to know that they need to get on board with the rest of the class.

And they need to know that their blatant defiance will one day get them fired on the job. 

And let me be crystal clear--all of these bleeding heart parents who feel like their baby is special and is going to learn things differently because they have been blessed with wings and sparkles and cuteness?  Your baby is going to crash and burn when he gets older.  They are going to find that the world doesn't cater to them, the world is going to hurt their feelings, and no, they are not the actual center of the universe.

And that's a hard pill for them to swallow. 

Go ahead and teach them to roll their eyes and talk back to the teacher.  Let them participate in the "he hit me and I hit him back harder" approach.  Tell them that their teacher doesn't like them because they are black/white/red/yellow/purple/green/blue.  Train them to steal and cheat others.  Train them to be bullies and tough and that it doesn't matter if you do or pay things on time because someone else will pick up the slack.

I would love to sit down with you again in 10-15 years and see how that worked for your child. 

Because I have a sneaking suspicion that you are going to wonder what went wrong. 

Love and smooches and a dose of reality, 
Mama A. 

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