Falling into.

Hallelujah, praise the Good Lord for Labor Day weekend!  

Someone was smiling down on the teachers of the children when they decided it would be perfect to have a long weekend after the first week of school.  They knew we would need it if there was any hope for us surviving the rest of the year.  We needed the week to get everyone into the swing of things and then an extra day to help us get caught up with all the things that were pushed aside in our own personal lives for the sake of the children that do not live in our houses.

My own personal children were up and at 'em this morning, but not with as much energy as usual.  Everyone's moving a little slowly and I'm quite fine with that.  My coffee cup is empty from round 1 and I'm just happy that I can enjoy it while looking at my river as the day begins.  I've come to learn that even the river creatures are not ready to greet the world at 5:15am.

I'm still not ready for the close of summer vacation, but when I see those ads promising pumpkins and all the spices and boots and swirly, whirly leaves, my heart pitter patters with inside my head voice squeals of anticipation.  It's time for football and open windows and hot cider.  And let all the southern women rejoice that no longer shall we sweat for existing nor shall we find that our hair has fallen flat thanks to our frienemy, Humidity.

And, because everyone around here knows that fall is the big, beautiful season ushering in all things Christmas at my house.  In two short months, I'll be sipping my coffee by the big ol' tree and looking at twinkly lights and changing my ringtone to Vince Guaraldi.

Lord have mercy a thousand swoons. 

Have a lovely Labor Day, folks. 

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